Bob Marley & Tetris

Today,  I was playing Tetris while listening to Bob Marley during a short break for work. First of all, I was having a great game of tetris, but I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I was totally focused on hearing Bob Marley’s lyrics, and for the first time in many of his songs, and heard every lyric and understood its meaning. I pretty much know the sounds of all the words, in that I can tell you what he’s saying all the time, but I never really listened. It made me reallize how great a medium music is to transmit something that goes against the establishment…It’s like transmitting a message on a frequency that those who will try to stop you can’t hear. It was truly amazing. After I realized what had happened, I looked up and realized I had just played the best tetris game of my 18 year career, ~194,000 points. It was crazy time.

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  1. Bob Marley and Tetris? Who knew how deeply interconnected they could be…though I do agree with you on the ability of music as a medium to change the world. Although I would argue that it’s just literature deep down…but that’s my english major coming through.

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