Tip: Grilled Cheese

Ok, so here’s a quick tip for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Go out on a limb with me, and imagine that you are trying to craft a brilliant grilled cheese sandwich using only bread, cheese, a stick of butter, a spatula, and a pan. Note that no knife is needed.

Put your pan on the stove, and put on some heat (higher if you like burnier bread). Then take the stick of butter, and press the stick down on the hot pan. This will melt the tip of the stick of butter. Then quickly brush the outside of the bread with the butter until it cools. Repeat until the bread is covered.

Then just cook the grill cheese normally. If you are trying to move quickly, you can eat the grill cheese out of the pan, and you’ve only dirtied two utensils!

Good luck cheese fans.

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