Rice vs. U of Houston

I attended the Rice U of H game with some friends tonight. First of all, the crowd was incredibly lackluster. There were more cheerleaders and dance team members than there were fans. The game turned out to be close, and Rice was leading pretty late in the second half. The only thing was, we really had to right to be. Eventually the cougars, who were clearly the superior team physically and in terms of skill, managed to string a few shots together and build a six point lead. They missed 3 pointer after 3 pointer after 3 pointer, but other than that, they seemed to be reasonably solid. Rice was totally outcoached. While Houston was setting up pick and rolls and had players constantly moving into space, Rice seemed to have no plan on offense, and were almost entirely unable to move the ball around, and got zero penetration. Again, Rice’s bright spot was Paskevicious, who created nearly all of his opportunities himself via the offensive rebound. He managed some decent shots, and scored a few points. He also justed tossed the ball in the direction of the basket and hoped for a shooting foul on more than a few occasions.

All in all, Rice stinks at basketball.

I can’t wait till Baseball season.

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