Mike Huckabee stands no chance of winning the Republican nomination. He may be mathematically eliminated. He stands no chance in most regions of the country of winning a general election, let alone delegates to the RNC. He believes gayness is on par with necrophilia, doesn’t believe in evolution, and supports the Confederate flag flying atop the South Carolina statehouse.

But, hey, I like the guy.

On Colbert’s show last night, he made another appearance, and although not as funny as the last time, he managed to hold his own again with the riotously funny Colbert. He is obviously smart and affable. I also think if people understood the FairTax, he would have a much larger number of supporters, even though it seems unlikely that the FairTax would actually be ratified. Most conservatives would love it: it taxes spending rather than income.

Too bad he thinks the earth was created six thousand years ago.

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