Spring Break 2008: South Padre Island

After a whirlwind week back at school, I finally have a few minutes to describe our Spring Break vacation at South Padre Island, TX.

We had a really great time. For those of you who have been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, South Padre has a very similar feel. Essentially, it’s one big long island (there are only two roads running up and down). It doesn’t appear to have any business other than tourism, which was just fine for us. There were some good restaurants, though honestly none of them were any place I would be inclined to go if they were in Houston.

No, the reason we went was for the beach. And it was a good reason. The weather while we were there was a tad windy, but it was sunny and warm every day. We played bocce, wiffle ball, and football during the day. We relaxed and drank at night. It was grand.

The condo we got was stellar. Here’s a little walking tour:

It was great, and hopefully I’ll get to go back soon.

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